Administration of health care records, medical data and clinical trial data are some of the most heavily regulated and security-sensitive management tasks that can be borne by IT staff, health care professionals and clinicians.

To ease all those burdens, Kafka Adaptive developed ClinicianŽ, a suite of Information logistics solutions developed specifically for all Clinical data collection and management needs - from the largest hospital ward to the most demanding off-site trials of new compounds under investigation for FDA approval.

The Clinician's service suite can be deployed as hosted or stand-alone technologies. In any scenario, the clinician, interviewer or patient enters data in a standard browser or standard PDA User Interface (UI). All Kafka ClinicianŽ deployments are designed for on-demand rollout while conforming to all FDA and EU regulatory requirements for data management.

Contact us for product literature and a consultation on how Kafka Clinician® can ease your patient care records management burdens, accelerate clinical dat collection and animate new kinds of patient care telemetry with Clinician®-compatible patient-care technologies.


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