Clinical Data Logistics: When Data Architectures Become the Solution

The healthcare and biotechnology revolutions need data logistics to be successful. At Kakfa Adaptive, the innovations we bring to the laboratory, surgery, clinical examination room and hospitals puts information - accurate, timely and powerful information - at clinicians' fingertips, giving them the most crucial information at the moment it is most needed

Kafka Adaptive, to that end, specialises in the development of integrated and intelligent software systems to manage patient records, appointment-making and monitoring, and associated public healthcare systems (such as epidemiological data-retrieval schemas) - and the deployment of innovative data gathering techniques based on widely-available electronic devices (for both primary healthcare and formal clinical trials).

And importantly, when Kafka Adaptive encounters patient- and subject-facing environments in which optimal operation cannot be achieved through existing systems - it builds them hand-in-hand with its healthcare partners - bringing together world-class clinical experience with Kafka Adaptive's proven technical skills. It is a process that has enabled successful change in the clinical environments in which we have been engaged.

Finally, to capitalise on the ideas of our existing and potential healthcare customers - ideas that represent a wealth of clinical innovation - Kafka Adaptive has specifically developed a Clinical Intellectual Property Commercialization Program (CIPCP) specifically to promote the larger development of the field of Clinical Data Logistics. Partnering with clinicians who share our vision for maximizing clinical efficacy via optimized logistics, we able to help design and market clinical data collection and analysis products that enable methods of diagnosis and treatment that would be otherwise unavailable.

Too often, software companies - albeit with the best intentions - ask clinicians to change. At Kafka Adaptive, we know the greatest benefits come from understanding that technology must be placed at the service of clinicians. Here's our portfolio:

  • Novel deployment of wireless & other technologies to maximize established processes' efficiency
  • Data collection, collation and connection schemes for Clinical, Laboratory & Pharmaceutical practices
  • Information Infrastructure Audits and Design Analyses to optimize processes & protocols
  • Clinical IP Commercialization to leverage clinical experience to create the next generation of clinical data logistics technologies



When Data Architectures Become the Solution

Clinical IP Commercialization Program Brings
IT Ideas to Clinics