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IBM servers as a leader in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics. Their worldwide network of IBM solutions and services professionals translates these advanced technologies into business value for customers.

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Lotus offers a full range of innovative integrated e-business solutions designed to meet the specific needs of industries worldwide, as well as educational, healthcare and government institutions. Domino integrated messaging and Web application software platforms, LearningSpace Distance learning platform and a variety of desktop and server solutions provide rock solid productivity inprovements.


Harvard Medical School is one of the world's preeminent institutions in medical education and research. The breadth and depth of its scientific and clinical disciplines are unsurpassed. At the core of the Medical School are its educational and research programs, and Kafka Adaptive is working with Harvard Medical School in the development of devices and solutions to improve the efficiency of data collection systems for its clinical research programs.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Partnering with MIT Brain & Cognitive Sciences Department to improve their data collection methods and data management process. Resulting in more effective data gathering and analysis


Docobo (UK) Ltd uses unique doc@HOME concept for care of citizen by allowing them to take active role in the medical treatment process while greatly lowering the cost of overall healthcare. Our goal in Docobo is to target the population with special needs where remote care and health related data exchange will provide services improving their life quality, life freedom and increased control over their condition.

Kafka Adaptive is very proud to be a supporter of:

The Living Earth Foundation



Living Earth Foundation is an international, not for profit organisation running programmes in over eleven countries from Brazil to Bulgaria, Uganda to Ukraine.

Creative Exchange



Creative Exchange is a key information provider and produces a number of electronic and paper publications, reports and events to support public education in Culture and Development.