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The WCDS Study Enroller

The Study Enroller is WCDS' gift to the study manager and to the study subject, both of whom are burdened by paper-management demands that are as medieval as they are wasteful. With WCDS' Study Enroller, grinding chores are transformed into fluid, simple tasks managed by elegant Web services.

First Winner: The Study SubjectProduct Figure 1

The study candidates are recruited through conventional and electronic media. After contacting the study manager through email, candidates receive a response email with a link to a application page and are on their way. Instead of struggling with awkward paper booklets, they are presented with easy to understand, easy to complete forms with programmed features (see right) that ensure their responses meet the study managers' requirements. Enrollment surveys will never be fun - but with Study Enroller - they'll never be an intimidating and enervatigrind again.

Ultimate Winners: Study Sponsors and Managers

For the study sponsors and study managers, the efficiencies introduced by WCDS Study Enroller redound to upwards of 7-to-1 increases in processing throughput, largely by eliminating paper management and mismanagement and allowing for a far greater degree of automation not only in enrolling subjects but in interrogating the candidate pool to organize study cohorts (see above), using SEN's intuitive filtering tools.